I'm a 23 year old woman. I draw things now and then.

Here’s a picture of my hands as of January. I’ll be taking one every year, out of curiosity. The right one’s the “defective” one. Here’s hoping the RA doesn’t get too bad!

I’m graduating in June, and that hand won’t hurt as much because I won’t have to take a million pages of notes anymore. I plan to slowly get back to drawing.

The last 5 months have been the most painful and difficult months of my entire life. I haven’t put pencil to paper once since June. I’m sorry for not updating. Hopefully things will get better by the end of the year.

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting lately. I went on a cross-country drive. I’m now editing a ton of photos and will be dumping them over the next few weeks on my photo blog. Take a look!

I was recently diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis in my drawing hand… the possibility of not being able to draw in the future scares the hell out of me.

Everywhere! I have a giant folder of all sorts of references, both from artists and real life (it’s ~30gb of pictures). If I’m stuck I just look through them for some inspiration. More often than not I just put pencil to paper and mess around until something interesting comes out.
A lot of varied practice. Don’t just focus on one thing. Be a stereotypical artist and carry around a sketchbook everywhere. Don’t be afraid to learn from/emulate other artists (just don’t rip them off, obviously). Get feedback and criticism (not just blatant asskissing, you’ll never learn that way).

Anonymous said: I love how your artwork has a little bit of a twist and originality. Did you go to an art school? What do you do for a living (if you don't mind me asking). I kind of imagine you as a graphic artist or doing something in advertisement.

I’m an economics student, haha. Thanks!

gigglepigeon said: What sort of pens and pencils do you typically use? Also, not a question, your spacecraft and conceptual creatures are really similar to things I dream about sometimes. Kind of creepy, but also awesome.

I don’t use anything special, just a .3 #2, a .4 black pen, and a fountain pen with blue ink. Thanks!